STAAD.Pro Help

Composite Deck dialog

Used to create and define composite decks.

Opens when the Composite Deck Layout tool is selected in the Composite Deck group on the Geometry ribbon tab.

Composite Deck list All composite deck groups and their constituent members are listed here.
New Deck options
  • Clicking on Nodes - Used to define the deck by clicking on the nodal points that comprise the deck boundary. Click on the Create New Deck button to begin selecting the deck boundary using the composite boundary cursor . Once the deck is created, it will be shown with a hatch pattern.
  • Use Selected Beams - Used to define the deck by selecting the beams that comprise the deck boundary.  Using the Beams cursor, select the beams which will define the outer boundary of the deck.
Create New Deck

Used to define the deck in by the selected method. Once the deck is identified by any one of the aforementioned methods, a dialog box as shown below will prompt for the deck name. Enter an appropriate deck name in the edit box provided. 

The deck will then be defined and the deck name will appear in the Composite Deck box as shown below.

Select the deck in the tree control to define the properties of the deck. The various options in the Composite Deck box are explained as follows.

Create Direction

Used to define the deck direction (direction of the longitudinal flutes or ribs in the deck) by highlighting any two beams and clicking the Create Direction button.  The deck direction will be defined to run perpendicular to the two beams that were selected.  A symbol will appear to indicate the direction of the deck. This symbol will be placed at the centroid of the deck area.

Once the direction of the deck is specified, the beam numbers which comprise the deck will be displayed as child elements of the deck group.

Deck hash color

Click the color square (adjacent to the Create Direction button) to open a color picker dialog. Select a custom color to hash the selected deck or any newly created decks. Each deck can have a different color.

ヒント: Use different colors to quickly identify composite decks with different properties or directions.

Deck Properties

The following options appear in the Composite Deck dialog when a deck group is selected.

Update Deck Property Synchronizes the graphical window and updates any changes made to the deck definition.
Concrete Properties Specify the concrete thickness above the flutes, the unit weight of concrete and the grade of concrete in the respective edit boxes.
Rib Properties Rib properties can now be defined either using the database or by entering the properties manually. 
Use Database

A drop-down list of the various standards incorporated in STAAD.Pro. The program includes three standard catalogs: ASC™, Vulcraft™, and VERCO™. The rib properties will be used from the database provided.

Apart from using the available standards, you may also define custom rib properties by providing the Rib Width and Rib Height.

Rib Width Width of the rib in this box. If a database deck is selected, this value is updated.
Rib Height The height of the rib in this box. If a database deck is selected, this value is updated.
Stud Diameter Specify a diameter for the Stud by choosing the Custom option or select from the three available diameters: 3/4", 5/8", 1/2".
Stud Length Specify the length (height above deck pan) of the stud in this box.
Shored Choose the appropriate radio button depending on whether or not shoring is to be used during construction.

Beam Properties

The following options appear in the Composite Deck dialog when a component beam is selected.

Current Property The current section and material of the selected beam is displayed.
Add / Change Property Opens the appropriate Steel Table dialog, which is used to select a steel section and material.
Effective Width

The effective width for each beam is automatically calculated by STAAD.Pro and is displayed in the Effective Width box. The user can modify the effective width for any individual beam by inputting the value in the Effective Width box and clicking on the update button.