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D8.F.1 Scope

The following reinforced concrete members that can be designed by the latest revision are the following:

  1. Reinforced concrete beams (excluding deep beams)
  2. Reinforced concrete columns (see note b for details)
The following types of cross sections for concrete members can be designed:
  • For beams:
    • prismatic (rectangular and square)
    • T-beams (singly reinforced only)
  • For columns:
    • prismatic: rectangular, square, and circular
Note: IS13920 does not deal with plate design. Plate design is to be performed per IS:456:2000.


  1. The clauses that are already implemented for IS-13920:1993 revision and remains unchanged in revision 2016 are not discussed in these design notes.
  2. Clause 7.2 of IS:13920-2016 is checked. Please refer to Relative Strengths of Beams and Columns at a Joint for additional details.
  3. Implementation of Clause 9.0 of IS:13920-2016 for design of beam-column joint for distortional shear is currently excluded.
  4. The provisions for the spacing of for special confining reinforcement per Amendment 1 to IS:13920-2016 are not implemented. The design of this reinforcement is designed to the initial IS:13920-2016 edition.
  5. STAAD.Pro only designs singly reinforced T beam (flanged) sections.