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TR. User-Defined Hinge Property

Several hinge property may be specified with specific type identifier. User may later refer this type identifier while assigning specific hinge properties to members (See "TR.37.7.9 Validation of Commands other than Input Parameters "). If hinge property is not specified, STAAD assumes the FEMA specified hinge properties.

To specify uncoupled moment hinge property of the member following input is required.

General Format

TYPE n1 
A xa1 ya1 B xb1 yb1 C xc1 yc1 D xd1 yd1 E xe1 ye1 YM f11 YR f21 
IO f31 LS f41 CP f51 
TYPE ni 
A xai yai B xbi ybi C xci yci D xdi ydi E xei yei YM f1i YR f2i 
IO f3i LS f4i CP f5i 
n1,…, ni Type identifier (Hinge property number)
A, B, C, D, E Points on the load deformation curve at points A, B, C, D, and E as specified in FEMA
xa1 ya1 … xe1 ye1,…, xai yai … xei yei Coordinates of A, B, C, D, E respectively
xa1, …, xe1, …, xai, …, xei Deformation Ratio, θ/θy
ya1 …, ye1, …, yai, …,yei Moment Ratio, Q/Qy
f11,…,f1i Yield moment in current force units
f21,…,f2i Yield rotation in radians
f31,…,f3i Immediate occupancy in deformation ratio
f41,…,f4i Life safety in deformation ratio
f51,…,f5i Collapse prevention in deformation ratio

The coordinates of point A should be always (0, 0) and that of point B is (1.0, 1.0). Both the coordinates of point C must be greater than 1.0. The X coordinate of point D must be same as that of point C and Y coordinate must be less than 1.0. The X coordinate of point E must be greater than that of point D and Y coordinate should be same as that of point D.

Note: The hinge property will be applied to hinge formed due to moment about local z-axis for beam. For column, hinge formation will be considered either about local y-axis or about local z-axis depending upon whichever moment is dominating and also the orientation of the column with respect to the push load direction. The hinge property will be applied to the hinge formed due to this moment.

See "TR. Assignment of Hinge Property to the Members" for example input.