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TR.37.7.9 Validation of Commands other than Input Parameters

  1. The LOADTYPE is required and must be either GRAVITY or PUSH. See "TR.37.7.8 Pushover Loading Input"
  2. There can be more than one gravity load case. STAAD internally combines all gravity load cases into one. Analysis uses this combined gravity loading only.
  3. A mass vector for eigen solution is formed from this combined gravity loading. There is no need to provide mass modeling.
  4. Only one push load case (either in the form of user defined external push load or generated by the program) is allowed. The direction of loading is either global X or global Z. Combination of these directions are not allowed. For user defined incremental push load pattern, only JOINT LOADs in FX or FZ directions may be specified.

Limitations on Pushover Analysis Input

The following inputs are not allowed in Pushover Analysis:

  • PERFORM PUSHOVER ANALYSIS cannot be repeated more than once.
  • CHANGE command is not accepted.
  • LOAD COMBINATION command is not accepted.
  • SET Z UP command is not accepted.
  • SET RESTART 1 command will not work (i.e., <filename> .L17 file will not be created).
  • SURFACE element is not accepted.
  • Material concrete is not considered.
  • Non-prismatic section is not considered.
  • Curved beam is not considered.
  • Cable member is not considered.
  • Plate and solid elements is not considered.
  • Beta angle other than 0 and 90 degree is not accepted.