STAAD.Pro Help

I. ISM Sync Tools Overview

STAAD.Pro can send structural data to and from an ISM repository through a set of ISM Syncing tools. These tools allow both creation and updating of STAAD.Pro models as well as ISM repositories. Further, these flexible tools allow you to begin models and move data as your workflow dictates.

If you need to ... ... use this tool Description
Create a new ISM repository from an existing STAAD.Pro model

Create Repository
transfers the current model opened in STAAD.Pro and generates a new ISM repository. This is the most common way in which an ISM repository is initially created.
Create a new STAAD.Pro model from an existing ISM repository

New From Repository
creates a new STAAD.Pro model from an existing ISM repository. This is used to transfer model data from other tools used in the workflow.
Update an existing repository to reflect changes made in a STAAD.Pro model

Update Repository
will coordinate changes made to the model in STAAD.Pro and coordinate some or all of those changes with an existing ISM repository.
Update an existing STAAD.Pro model to reflect changes in an ISM repository

Update From Repository
used to update a STAAD.Pro model with some or all of the changes which have been made to the ISM repository.
Not all tools are available at all times. For example,
  • If ISM is not installed these items will be grayed out and not available.
  • If ISM is installed but no STAAD.Pro model is loaded, only New From Repository will be available.

iTwin Analytical Synchronizer

The program provided by ISM for accepting or rejecting model data changes is called " iTwin Analytical Synchronizer ". iTwin Analytical Synchronizer provides the user with a powerful set of tools for moving data between the applications used in a daily workflow. Even relatively small structural models have enormous amounts of data and ISM allows this data to be re-used with ease. Care must be taken that only desired data is transferred between applications.

When accepting changes made by client applications to an ISM Repository, some attention must be paid to what changes are actually being made. A small change in a client application can have unintended repercussions, if accepted. A repository is intended to represent the data that is common to all the client applications. Some client application models will use only a subset of the repository data but changes made to them can affect the entire repository if these changes are accepted when a repository update action is performed.

Note: This brief overview is not intended as a sufficient description on using the full capabilities of iTwin Analytical Synchronizer. Please refer to the iTwin Analytical Synchronizer product documentation for more detailed information.