STAAD.Pro Help

ISM tab

Contains tools for working with Integrated Structural Modeling repositories.

Note: ISM has some limited functionality when working with analytical models. It is recommended to use the Physical Modeling workflow in order to exchange physical model data with an ISM repository through the STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler.
Menu item Description

Create Repository
Transfers the current model opened in STAAD.Pro and generates a new ISM Repository. This is the most common way in which an ISM Repository is initially created.

New from Repository
Creates a new STAAD.Pro input file from an existing ISM Repository. This is used to transfer model data into other tools used for your workflow.

Update Repository
Coordinates changes made to the model in the client application and coordinate some or all of those changes with an existing ISM Repository.

Update from Repository
Updates the current STAAD.Pro input file with some or all of the changes which have been made to the ISM Repository.