STAAD.Pro Help

TR.37.7.8 Pushover Loading Input

Only two types of loading are accepted in pushover analysis.

Refer to TR.32 Loading Specifications for additional information on primary load types.

Gravity Load

Syntax for gravity loading is as follows:

LOAD i1 LOADTYPE GRAVITY ( TITLE any_load_title  )
i1 gravity loading number

Push Load

Syntax for push loading (user-defined external incremental push loading pattern on the structure) is as follows:

LOAD i2 LOADTYPE PUSH  ( TITLE any_load_title  )
i2 user-defined push loading number
Note: For user-defined incremental push load, the loading has to be applied only in global X or Z directions. Combinations of X and Z directions is not accepted. Also, the lateral load in either global X or Z directions is to be applied in form of joint loads.