ProjectWise Explorer Help

Adding Locations to Projects

A location is a link that you add to the advanced integration project that points to some source or destination folder. Locations are required for various publishing workflows. For example, if you want to publish a document from Revit to some destination folder, you first need to create a publish location in the project that is linked to that destination folder, so that Revit integration knows where to send the file once it has been published.

A location can be linked to a folder on the local file system, a folder or work area in a ProjectWise datasource, or a folder in the ProjectWise Share portal of ProjectWise project. Locations are listed in the project in the order they were added. If needed, you can rearrange the order that locations are listed by dragging them to another position in the list.

Note: To create a location that is linked to a folder in ProjectWise Share, you must first associate the advanced integration project to a ProjectWise project. See Associate a Project to a ProjectWise Project.