ProjectWise Explorer Help

Adding a Standards Location

You can add as many standards locations as you need. A standards location can be linked to a folder in ProjectWise Share, a folder or work area in a ProjectWise datasource, or a local or network folder on the file system.

  1. Right-click your project in the ProjectWise browser and select Create Location.

    The Create Location dialog opens.

  2. Enter a Name for the location.
  3. Set Role to Standards Location.
  4. Set Bind to to ProjectWise, then click the Browse button.

    The Select the folder to link dialog opens.

  5. Select a folder or work area and click OK.
    Note: The Select the folder to link dialog opens to the current datasource, which is the datasource that your project is stored in. If needed, you can select a folder from another datasource by selecting another datasource from the Folders list and logging in when prompted. Whichever datasource you use, you can either select an existing work area or folder, or you can right-click in the dialog to create a new work area or folder.
  6. In the Create Location dialog, click OK.

The standards location is added to the project in the ProjectWise browser.