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Security Permission Codes in Audit Trail Comments

When user is directly assigned permissions to a document, folder or project, or their permissions for that item get changed, the changes get recorded in the item's audit trail (if your administrator has configured audit trail to record this type of action). Each security permission is represented in the audit trail by a single letter (upper or lowercase, depending on the permission). If the permission is on, then the letter displays; if the permission is off, a dash (-) displays.

For example, the user 'Mary' previously had Full control to a document, until her permissions got changed so that she now only has Read, Write, File Read, File Write permissions to the document. This change is recorded and reflected in the document's audit trail, in the Comments column. In the example below, the Comments column shows both the old and new permissions.

Action Name


User Name

Additional Data


Permissions Modified

01/11/2011 11:32:05 AM


For 'Mary'

Old: FPDrwSRWf- New: ---rw-RW--