ProjectWise Explorer Help

Access Control Security Permissions

In the Object Security Hierarchy, folder and/or document permissions can be set in ProjectWise Administrator for the datasource. Any folders, subfolders and documents created in ProjectWise Explorer, will inherit these permissions. At any level in the hierarchy new permissions can be set which the lower levels inherit.

As each new level is created it automatically inherits the permission set from the previous level. This permission set can then be edited and will become the objects own permission set.

Note: When a folder has no workflow security applied to it, the owner of that folder always has Change permission to that folder and its subfolders; in this case, the owner can deny even the administrator access to the folder. When a folder does have workflow security applied to it, the owner no longer has unconditional Change permissions, and can even lose access to the folder if so excluded through the workflow security settings.
Note: The No access permission takes priority over all others.