ProjectWise Explorer Help

Placing the Attribute Tag Set in the Document

After you create a tag set, you can attach it to any element in the active model. After attaching the tag set, you need to update the display, so that the current value of the corresponding property is displayed. Once the tag set is placed, you can create a title block cell from it if necessary, to be used in other documents (follow standard MicroStation procedures to create your title block cell).

To Attach Your New Tag Set to an Element

  1. Draw a shape, such as a rectangle.
  2. Select the Attach Tags tool.
  3. In the Attach Tags dialog that opens, select the tag set you just created that contains the linked tags.
  4. In the active model, identify the element you want to attach the tag set to (for example, the rectangle you drew in step 1).
  5. When prompted, specify the position of tag set on screen.

    The tag set is attached to the element, and the linked tags are placed in the active model.

  6. In the Key-in browser, enter TITLEBLOCK UPDATENOW

    The active model is refreshed, and the linked tags are updated to display the current value of the corresponding property.