ProjectWise Explorer Help

Saving and Checking In ProjectWise Documents from AutoCAD

ProjectWise provides integration with AutoCAD's Save and Save As commands.

The default behavior when saving the current document in integrated AutoCAD is to save the changes locally, to the file in your ProjectWise working directory. Changes will be saved to ProjectWise when you check in or update the server copy of the document.

Save As lets you save a copy of the current AutoCAD document under a different name or to another location in ProjectWise. If the current document is not stored in ProjectWise, you can use Save As to save it to ProjectWise. Save As is also used when you want to save a copy the current AutoCAD document under another AutoCAD-based file format.

Tip: You can change the default behavior for saving the current document if necessary, so that the server copy of the document and its reference information will be updated in ProjectWise every time you save.
Tip: To save the open AutoCAD file to a location outside of ProjectWise, select File > Save As, then click the Save to disk button when the Save Document As dialog opens.