ProjectWise Explorer Help

Attaching Documents Stored in ProjectWise

You can use various integrated commands in AutoCAD to attach DWGs, raster images, or underlays (DWF, DWFx, PDF, or DGN) stored in ProjectWise to the current document in AutoCAD.

ProjectWise examines the file header of any AutoCAD file when it opens. If external references have been attached to the file using the enhanced commands, it copies these files out to the correct folders, so that they are available to the master document. This occurs whenever an AutoCAD file opens, so any nested references contained in the external reference to a master document also copy out.

When you open a master document from ProjectWise that has attachments, the master document is checked out and the attachments are copied out. If you then want to open one of the attachments during the same session (while the master document is still open), you may get an error message reporting that the file is in use. This is because AutoCAD loads external references (by default) in Exclusive mode, therefore the external references are locked out and cannot be open while the master file is open. If this is the case, change the XLOADCTL variable from 1 to 2 using the Set Variable command, which will then load external references in Non-exclusive mode, enabling you to open external references while the master document is still open. The Set Variable command can either be invoked from the Tools > Inquiry menu or from the command line.

Tip: To attach a file located outside of ProjectWise, click the Open from disk button on the Open Document dialog.
Tip: To detach an attachment from the master document, go to Insert > External References.

The ATTACHMODE variable allows you to disable integration of the XATTACH command and also the Attach DWG functionality in the External References Manager. Note that the ATTACHMODE variable does not affect the DMSXREF (ProjectWise > Insert > DWG Reference) command.