ProjectWise Explorer Help

To Save a Message Attachment to ProjectWise, Using the Advanced Document Creation Wizard

  1. Do one of the following:

    In the message list, select a message with a file attached. Select the ProjectWise tab and select Export Attachments.


    Open a message that has a file attached. In the message select the ProjectWise tab and select Export Attachments.

    The Export All Attachments dialog opens.

  2. In the Attachments list, select the attachments you want to save to ProjectWise.
  3. Turn off Export attachments using default names and location and click OK.
  4. If you have not logged in to ProjectWise yet, the ProjectWise Log in dialog opens. Select a datasource, enter your user name and password, and click Log in. You will not be prompted to log in to ProjectWise again during this session of Outlook. If you want to be automatically logged into this datasource the next time you open Outlook, turn on the Remember me option before you click Log in.

  5. If the Select a Wizard dialog opens, select Advanced Wizard and click OK.
  6. When the Advanced Document Creation Wizard opens, click Next.
  7. When the Select Target Folder page opens, select the project or folder to store the attachment in and click Next.
  8. If the Define Document Attributes page opens, enter values as needed for the custom environment attributes that display and click Next.

    (The Define Document Attributes page only displays if the project or folder selected on the Select Target Folder page has an environment assigned to it.)

    The Document Properties page opens. The Name, Description and File Name fields are pre-populated with the name of the selected attachment. The attachment document is automatically associated with its correct ProjectWise application.

  9. For the check box next to the Document Name field:

    Turn on the check box if you want the file name to match the document name.


    Turn off the check box if you want to edit the file name independently of the document name.

    Note: If the check box is on but disabled from changing, that means your administrator has enforced document and file name locking at the datasource level.
  10. Edit the Name, Description and File Name fields as needed.

    A description for the document is optional, but the document must have a name and a file name, and both the (document) name and file name must be unique in the folder or work area in which you select to store the document.

  11. (Optional) Enter a label in the Version field. Depending on how default version rules are set up, you can either let ProjectWise assign a version identifier, or you can enter your own custom label for the version.
  12. When the Create a Document page opens, click Next.
  13. When the final page of the wizard opens, click Finish.

The attachment is saved to the selected project or folder in ProjectWise.