ProjectWise Explorer Help

To Place an Existing Title Block / Attribute Block

  1. Select one of the following:

    Command: TBINSERT

    Menu: ProjectWise > Title Block > Insert

    Ribbon: ProjectWise tab > Title Block panel > Insert

    The Place Title Block With Attributes dialog opens.

  2. Next to the Block Source field, click Select.

    The Open Document dialog opens.

  3. Select the DWG document that contains the title block / attribute block you want to place and click Open.

    The document is attached to the Place Title Block With Attributes dialog, and the Placement Options are enabled. The Block Name field displays the attached document's name.

  4. In the Block Name field, replace the document name with the name of the attribute block (title block), stored in the selected document, that you want to place.
  5. Do one of the following:

    To place the attribute block manually, select Define on Screen and click OK. The attribute block is attached to your cursor. Select a point on screen where you want to place the attribute block.


    To define the coordinates for where the attribute block will be placed, select Use Entered Values, define values for Position, Scale, and Rotation, and click OK.


    To place the attribute block using information in one of the attached references, select Place Automatically. Note that the active DWG must already have references attached. When you select Place Automatically, the Automatic Placement Settings dialog opens. Configure settings as necessary and click OK, then click OK in the Place Title Block With Attributes dialog.

    When the attribute block is placed, the attribute values are automatically updated with the current values from the ProjectWise database.