ProjectWise Explorer Help

Using AutoCAD Civil 3D Advanced Integration

ProjectWise delivers both basic and advanced integration for AutoCAD Civil 3D. This section discusses the advanced integration provided for AutoCAD Civil 3D.

(The section "Using Integrated AutoCAD" discusses the basic integration provided for AutoCAD and AutoCAD-vertical applications.)

Advanced integration provides:

  • support for data shortcut / data reference workflows
  • support for creation of surfaces
  • integration of the Prospector Tree
  • a Data Shortcut Project panel on the ProjectWise tab in AutoCAD Civil 3D with the following options:
    Option Description
    Open Used to open a data shortcut project stored in ProjectWise.
    Import Used to import a local data shortcut project to ProjectWise
    Export Used to export a data shortcut project from ProjectWise

In support of this advanced integration, the following file extension / application associations are added to new / upgraded datasources in ProjectWise Administrator:

  • CivilDSProj="AutoCAD Civil3D Data Shortcut Project File"
  • MMS="TIN Surface Companion File"
  • GRS="Grid Surface Companion File"
  • TIN="TIN Surface File"
  • DEM="Grid Surface File"

Also, data shortcut project files will have the MIME type 'application/zip.civil3d'.