ProjectWise Administrator Help

Creating Workspace Profiles for MicroStation Workspaces and AutoCAD Profiles

MicroStation workspaces are collections of configuration variable settings and user interface customizations that a user can select when running MicroStation. A MicroStation workspace profile defines the location of a MicroStation workspace that exists on a local or network drive, outside of ProjectWise.

In AutoCAD, profiles are used to store drawing environment settings. The profile is stored in the system registry, and can be exported to a text file (saved out as an .ARG file). ProjectWise workspace profiles support AutoCAD profiles. This allows for the set up and assignment of project, department, or corporate profiles, therefore controlling the user's environment.

Once a workspace profile exists, you or the user can assign the profile to any folder in the datasource in ProjectWise Explorer or ProjectWise Web Parts. Documents inherit their folder's workspace profile, so that when a user opens a MicroStation or AutoCAD document from a folder that has a particular workspace profile assigned to it, MicroStation or AutoCAD opens with the settings defined in the folder's profile.

You can delete a workspace profile only if it is not currently applied to a folder in ProjectWise Explorer.