ProjectWise Administrator Help

To Create an AutoCAD Workspace Profile

  1. First create a profile in AutoCAD and export the profile to a location on the system disk. Do not import the profile into ProjectWise.
  2. Next, in ProjectWise Administrator, expand the WorkSpaces datasource node.
  3. Right-click the WorkSpace Profiles subnode and select New > WorkSpace Profile.

    The New WorkSpace Profile Properties dialog opens.

  4. On the General tab, enter a unique name for the workspace profile, and optionally a description for it.
  5. On the AutoCAD Settings tab:

    In the AutoCAD Profile Name or Path field, enter the name of a profile that matches an existing profile name in AutoCAD. (By default ProjectWise populates the list with the available profiles in AutoCAD. The list is generated from the AutoCAD profiles in the Windows registry.)


    Click the Browse (...) button to the right of the AutoCAD Profile Name or Path field. In the Select Profile Arguments File dialog that opens, browse to the network location where you saved your AutoCAD arguments files (.ARG), select an argument file and click Open.

  6. Click OK.