ProjectWise Administrator Help

Background Map Settings Dialog

Used to define the settings for background maps displayed in the Spatial tab in ProjectWise Explorer.

Map Name The name of the background map as it will appear in the dialogs.
Coordinate System The coordinate system this map is represented in. It is important that the coordinate system be set correctly. When this background map is displayed in the Spatial Navigator, all spatial locations drawn over it will automatically be re-projected into this coordinate system. All layers of the map must be projected in this system.
Folder The Folder field shows the ProjectWise folder where the map background definition file is or will be stored. This file contains all settings for this map background. (The Browse button lets you select the folder in which it will be stored.)
Layers The Layers list displays all the documents that compose a particular map background, which are displayed in the Spatial Navigator. The document that is displayed depends on the layer settings. Click Add Layer to add a new layer to the list, click Remove Layer to remove a layer from the list, or click Edit Layer to edit an existing layer. (Add Layer and Edit Layer both open the Edit Map Layer Settings dialog.) Use the up and down arrow buttons to change the order of the layers. Layers are displayed in the order they appear.
CAUTION: The first layer must always be displayed and must be big enough to contain all the other layers.