ProjectWise Administrator Help

Edit Map Layer Settings Dialog

Used to define the layer settings for background maps displayed in the Spatial tab in ProjectWise Explorer.


The path to the document that is used for this layer. If the URL starts with pw:\\, it refers to a document stored in ProjectWise. Click the menu button next to the URL field to select which type of layer you want to add. When you select one of the following layer types, a dialog opens, prompting you to select which document in datasource to use as the layer.

  • Add Static CAD Layer — A static CAD layer is a DGN document that only gets refreshed when you right-click the background map in ProjectWise Administrator and select Regenerate. This mode uses MicroStation to publish the document. This mode does not support raster streaming; the raster will be published only at the scale and resolution of the DGN settings.

  • Add dynamic CAD layer — A dynamic CAD layer is a DGN document that gets refreshed each time a user modifies the DGN. This mode uses ProjectWise Publishing Server to publish the document. This mode supports raster streaming and allows fast raster display.

  • Add DPR layer — A DPR layer is a DPR document. DPR is a Bentley format used for digital printing. No additional software is required to publish this type of document. A DPR file can be created in MicroStation by printing to this type of format. This mode does not support raster streaming.

Bounding box

The total extent of the layer, in the background map’s coordinate system. The bounding box is used to determine when a layer is part of the current view in Spatial Navigator. When a new document is selected, the bounding box will automatically be extracted from the file if possible. Leave all fields 0 if you always want the layer to be displayed.

Scale range

Used to determine at which zoom ranges the layer should be displayed. The numbers represent a view width, in the background map coordinate system. Use value 0 to specify an unlimited range in one direction. Set both fields 0 if the layer should always be displayed.