ProjectWise Administrator Help

To Create a Background Map

  1. In ProjectWise Explorer, import the file containing the data or image you will be using as your map.

    This may be an existing DPR file, a DGN file which MicroStation will publish to a DPR file, or a file that ProjectWise Publishing Server will publish to a DPR file

  2. In ProjectWise Explorer, create a folder where you want the map definition file to be stored.
  3. In ProjectWise Administrator, right-click the Background Maps datasource node and select Create Background Map.

    The Background Map Settings dialog opens.

  4. Enter a name for your map in the Map Name field.
  5. In the Folder field, click Browse to select the folder in ProjectWise where the map definition file will be stored.
  6. Click Add Layer.

    The Edit Map Layer Settings dialog opens.

  7. Click the menu button next to the URL field and select which type of layer will be added.
    • Add static CAD layer - Use this option to select a design file from which a DPR file will be created and then published. For this option to be enabled, MicroStation must be installed on the ProjectWise Administrator computer.
    • Add dynamic CAD layer - Use this option to select any file format that can be published by ProjectWise Publishing Server. For this option to be enabled, the location of ProjectWise Publishing Server has to be specified in ProjectWise Administrator (Datasource Properties dialog > Spatial tab > Background Map Publishing Engine Address field).
    • Add DPR layer - Use this option select a DPR file that will directly be published. No additional software is needed for this option to be enabled.

  8. In the dialog that opens, select the document to use as a layer and click Open.

    The document is added to the Edit Map Layer Settings dialog.

  9. In the Edit Map Layer Settings dialog, configure the bounding box and scale range as necessary and click OK.
  10. Select a coordinate system for the map from the Coordinate System list.

    For the reference map, it is strongly suggested to select the reference coordinate system.

  11. Click Save.

    The new background map is added to the list of maps.