ProjectWise Administrator Help

ProjectWise Caching Server Configuration

ProjectWise storage areas can exist on the ProjectWise Design Integration Server computer, but they can also be hosted on another computer. ProjectWise Caching Server is the ProjectWise server to install when you want to set up and host a storage area on a computer other than the ProjectWise Design Integration Server computer. ProjectWise Caching Server can also be used for storing local copies of files in remote storage areas, to improve access speed.

When users create folders or projects in ProjectWise, they associate each folder or project with a particular storage area so that all files added to that folder or project will be stored in the associated storage area. This storage area, defined in ProjectWise Administrator, can be located on the ProjectWise Design Integration Server computer, but for performance reasons you may decide to create multiple storage areas for your datasource, each located on a different computer. Before you can define the location of a storage area in ProjectWise Administrator, you must first install ProjectWise Caching Server on the computer that will host the storage area.

Once installed, use ProjectWise Administrator to set up a storage area on the ProjectWise Caching Server's computer. The ProjectWise Administrator you work from can be, but does not need to be, installed on the same computer as ProjectWise Caching Server.