ProjectWise Administrator Help

To Install ProjectWise Caching Server

  1. Double-click the Setup_ProjectWise_Serverx64_10.00.03.2xx.exe file.

    The ProjectWise Server installer opens.

  2. Accept the license agreement, change the installation location if needed (if possible), and click Next.

    The default installation location is C:\Program Files\Bentley\ProjectWise.

    Note: The option to change the installation location will not display if another application from this release is already installed to that location.
  3. On the Server server type page, select ProjectWise Caching Server and click Next.
  4. On the Select feature to install page, click Next.
  5. On the Select Storage Location page, specify the physical location on this computer (either manually enter the folder path or browse for the folder you want) under which storage areas hosted by this server can be created, then click Next.

    The location you specify is added to this server's DMSKRNL.CFG file under the section labeled, "Section defines allowable locations for storage areas". For example:

    ; -------------------------------------------------------------
    ; Section defines allowable locations for storage areas
    ; -------------------------------------------------------------

    When you eventually create your storage areas for this server in ProjectWise Administrator, you will only be able to create a storage area if the location you select is somewhere within the allowable storage location.

    Tip: You can only add one local storage location through the installer, but you can manually edit the DMSKRNL.CFG file after installation if needed to add additional local and/or remote storage locations for this server.
  6. On the Pre-installation summary page, review your selections, make any last minute changes if necessary, then click Install.
  7. When installation is complete, click Finish.
    Note: Installation automatically adds the ProjectWise broadcasting and listening ports of 5799 and 5800 to the Windows Firewall exception list on this computer.
  8. After installation, do the following:
    1. Open the Product Activation Wizard to configure licensing for this server.
    2. Manually start the ProjectWise Caching Server in the Services window.