ProjectWise Administrator Help

Installing the Necessary Print Engines

Bentley i-model Composition Server for PDF uses ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer to manage the creation of plot output files (renditions) through the use of one or more print engines that are also installed on the Bentley i-model Composition Server for PDF computer. ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer loads the correct print engine at runtime depending on the type of file being processed.

Print Engines for CAD Files

If you need to create renditions from DGN and DWG files, you need to have at least one print engine installed on the server that can process your DGN and DWG files. ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer uses MicroStation (or other MicroStation-based applications) to process CAD files. For some organizations, MicroStation (or MicroStation PowerDraft or Bentley View) is sufficient and might be the only application needed to create adequate renditions from your DGN and DWG files. Other organizations may have some DGNs which require special processing and which MicroStation alone cannot adequately publish. In those cases, you may need to install some other MicroStation-based applications to process those DGNs. If you do not install the appropriate print engine, some of the renditions may not properly display all of the graphics or all of the property information you are expecting. For example, OpenBuildings Designer is the preferred print engine to use for DGN documents authored by Bentley building and architecture applications. When you have multiple MicroStation-based applications installed, ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer uses ProjectWise application associations to determine which source documents require which print engine.

ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer is compatible with:

  • MicroStation (CONNECT Edition and V8i versions)
  • MicroStation PowerDraft (CONNECT Edition and V8i versions)
  • Bentley View V8i (SELECTseries 4)
  • Other MicroStation-based applications including (but not limited to) OpenBuildings Designer, Power InRoads
  • MicroStation/J (required for legacy support)
  • Some geo/mapping products may need to be installed, to ensure full fidelity with the screen display.
  • Other products may need to be installed, to ensure that the output PDFs display all of the property information that would normally display in the source documents.
Tip: Open one of your DGNs in MicroStation. If the graphics appear correct and the Items dialog (File > Item Browser) shows the correct properties, then you can safely use MicroStation as the print engine. If not, then you should install the application that the DGN was created in.

Print Engines for Office Documents

ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer uses a PDF creator as the print engine for processing Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel documents, therefore you must install a PDF creator if you plan to create renditions from Word and Excel source documents (Ghostscript is the recommended PDF creator application). The PDF creator application works in conjunction with the Word and Excel providers delivered with ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer and a specified Windows postscript printer. Note that you must install a PDF creator application even if you are not creating PDF renditions from Word and Excel documents.

In addition to installing a Postscript to PDF converter such as Ghostscript, you should do the following:

  • Install the native Microsoft application (Microsoft Word/Excel) for each type of document you plan to create renditions for.
  • Create a Windows postscript printer and specify that printer on the ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer Configure - Integrate dialog.

    For prints up to 11 x 17, use the HP Color LaserJet 8500 PS printer driver. For prints larger than 11 x 17, use the HP DesignJet T7100ps PS3 printer driver.

  • Install the Word and Excel providers when installing ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer by selecting the Specifications feature (the Specifications feature is installed by default).