ProjectWise Administrator Help

Selecting the Databases to Upload Data From

ProjectWise Analytics Data Upload Service is the on-premise component of ProjectWise Project Insights that is used to collect data from selected ProjectWise databases and upload it to the ProjectWise Project Insights portal of your ProjectWise project.

You can download the ProjectWise Analytics Data Upload Service (version from the Software Downloads page, or you can install it from the ProjectWise Administrator installer. If your ProjectWise datasources are hosted by Bentley Managed Services, then this installation and configuration will be performed by Bentley.

Once you install ProjectWise Analytics Data Upload Service, you will use the Upload Service Administrator to select which ProjectWise databases you want to collect and upload data from. This establishes a data pipeline between your ProjectWise database(s) and the ProjectWise Project Insights service. At this point, no data is uploaded yet, because the Upload Service does not yet know which specific work area in that datasource to upload data from, or which project to upload data to. Data upload will begin (according to the schedule you set) once a work area from the selected datasource (database) is associated to a ProjectWise project in which ProjectWise Project Insights is turned on.

The Upload Service will also regularly update the portal with the latest information from these databases, based on the data collection and upload schedules you set up.

Note: The ProjectWise Analytics Data Upload Service can also upload data from Bentley Transmittal Services databases. If you upload data from a Bentley Transmittal Services database, that data will display in the old ProjectWise Project Performance Dashboards portal of your project, which you can access from the ProjectWise Project Insights portal (see Navigating Between the Old and New Dashboard Portals).