ProjectWise Administrator Help

File Property Extractor Configuration

File property extraction is the feature of ProjectWise Design Integration Server that extracts file properties from documents in the datasource. ProjectWise Explorer users will then be able to see the file properties of their documents on the File Properties tab of the Document Properties dialog.

The following is a checklist of things you need to do to set up the file property extraction feature in general, for all datasources run by this server. Once the feature is set up, you then use ProjectWise Administrator to enable the feature and run file property extraction jobs on a per datasource basis.

  1. Install or configure the prerequisites needed for ProjectWise Design Integration Server and ProjectWise Orchestration Framework Service.
  2. Install ProjectWise Integration Server with the Automated File Processing > File Property and Thumbnail Image Extractors feature selected.
    Note: Selecting to install any Automated File Processing feature now automatically installs ProjectWise Orchestration Framework Service.
  3. Install ProjectWise Administrator with the Automated File Processing feature turned on.

    If you want to be able to monitor the status of your document processors, then also turn on the Orchestration Framework Administrator feature when installing ProjectWise Administrator.

  4. In ProjectWise Administrator:
    1. Set up a user account in the datasource to use for running file property extraction jobs. The user's user setting General > Use access control should be OFF, to ensure the user has access to all documents in the datasource. Also, the user’s user setting Document > Can modify must be ON.
    2. Right-click the Document Processors > File Property Extraction node and select Properties to configure this document processor.. See "Processing Documents Using Orchestration Framework" in the ProjectWise Administrator help for details.