ProjectWise Administrator Help

Mapping Attributes from Source Documents to Output Documents

Attribute mapping is the process of assigning which attribute values from the source documents will be copied to the new rendition documents and/or distributed source documents when a job is run. Setting up attribute mapping is an optional part of configuring an Output Destination Folder component.

The ideal situation is to create an environment for the destination folder that is the same or very similar to the environment of the source folder. That way you can be sure that your source attributes have matching attributes in the destination folder, and the values can easily be copied over. You can then automatically map all source attributes to the destination attributes. This method involves some set up in ProjectWise, but will make attribute mapping much easier here.

CAUTION: Attribute mappings will be cleared if you change datasources on the Output Destination Folder.

If you do not want to set up a new environment and folder, or if you do not plan to map very many attributes, you can manually map your attributes, one by one. This method requires no setup in ProjectWise, and allows you to fine tune your attribute mapping by selecting only the attributes you want to map.

In addition to mapping attributes between environments, you can also map document to document, environment to document, and document to environment attributes. The only destination document attribute you can map to is Description, since all the other destination document attributes are reserved or predetermined.