ProjectWise Administrator Help

Defining Output Destination Folders

For each Output Destination Folder component you create, you will define:

  • where the output of a job will be stored
  • whether or not to create a new version if the file name is not unique in the destination folder
  • whether or not to map (copy) attribute values from the source documents in the input set, to the new rendition documents and/or the copies of the source documents that get stored to the destination folder
  • whether or not to distribute the source documents in the input set

You can create as many Output Destination Folder components as you need. Once the components are created, you can modify the properties of each component, and you can delete components that are no longer needed.

In Bentley i-model Composition Server Administrator, users will select which component they want to use on the Distribution Settings tab of the Job Builder dialog. In ProjectWise Explorer, users will select a rendition profile, and then select which of the available Output Destination Folder components they want to use.

The following are the basic steps for creating an Output Destination Folder component:

  1. Under Renditions, expand Rendition Profile Components.
  2. Under Rendition Profile Components, right-click Output Destination Folders and select New > Destination.

    The Output Destination Folder dialog opens.

  3. Enter a unique name and an optional description.
  4. From the Place rendition in list, select an option to determine where the renditions will be stored.
  5. From the Options tab, specify the options necessary to create the output destination folder.

    The Options tab settings vary depending on the option you select in the Place rendition in field.

  6. Click OK in the Output Destination Folder dialog to save the changes and create the component.