ProjectWise Administrator Help

To Create a Messaging Agent for Check-ins, Check-outs, Exports, Version Changes, or Server Copy Updates

  1. Right-click the Messaging Services node and select New > Messaging Agent.

  2. When the New Messaging Agent Wizard opens, click Next.

  3. On the Defining the messaging agent page:
    1. In the Message subject field, enter a subject for the message the users will receive.
    2. (Optional) In the Message text field, enter a message.
    3. Set Message type to E-mail (default) or ProjectWise message.
    4. Turn on Attach Document to have a link to the document attached to the message (if the message is a ProjectWise message), or to attach the document itself to the message (if the message is an email message). In the case of email messages, the ProjectWise address to the location of the document will also be displayed in the email.
    5. Click Next.

  4. On the Specify message recipients page, specify which users will receive the message:
    1. Turn on Users that have access to the document, on which command is executed (it is on by default) if you want every user with Read access to the affected document(s) to receive a message.)
    2. If you want any users who do NOT have access to the document to receive a message, click Add to add these users (or groups) to the Select users and groups list. (To remove a user or group from the list, select the user or group and click Remove.)
    3. Click Next.

  5. On the Specifying message sending mode page, do one of the following:

    If you want the user who performs the action that triggers the message not to be notified before the message is sent, select Send the message silently and click Next.


    If you want the user who performs the action that triggers the message to receive the message before it is sent to the specified users, select Show dialog to send the message and click Next. (This way the user can decide whether or not to send the message, or can modify the contents of message.)

  6. On the Specify command type and sending time page:
    1. Select a Command type (Document check in, Document check out, Document export, Document version change, or Update server copy) to determine which user action generates the message.

      (For the command type Document state change, see To Create a Workflow Messaging Agent for Document State Changes.)

    2. Select either Send the message just before the command is executed or Send the message when the command execution is finished to determine when the message is sent. The text describing these options changes depending on the command type you select, but basically your options are to send the message just before the command is executed, or after the command has been executed.
    3. Click Next.

  7. On the Attaching Folder to Document Agent page:
    1. Click Add to select a folder or work area that you want the messaging agent to consider for document actions.
    2. Repeat this step to add more folders and work areas.
    3. Click Next.

  8. When the Finishing New Messaging Agent page opens, click Finish.

    The new messaging agent is added to the list.