ProjectWise Administrator Help

To Create a Pick List and Assign It to a Property

  1. In either the New Property dialog or the Properties dialog for an existing property, in the Value section, set Type to Pick List and click the Format button (...).

    The Select Pick List dialog opens. The list displays the existing pick lists available in the datasource, across all work area types. By default, the list is filtered to display only the pick lists for the data type currently set in the original dialog.

  2. Click New.
  3. In the Create Pick List dialog, do the following:
    1. Name - Enter a name for the pick list.
    2. Data type - Specify the pick list's data type.

      (For more information about data types, see Creating a New Work Area Property.)

    3. Pick List Values - Enter a value in the field and click Add. Repeat this step to add more entries to the pick list.
    4. Click OK.

    The pick list is saved and added to the Select Pick List dialog.

  4. Select the new pick list in the Select Pick List dialog and click OK.

    The pick list is added to the Pick List field in the original dialog.

    Tip: Once a pick list exists in the datasource, it can be used in properties across all work area types in the datasource.