ProjectWise Administrator Help

To Change Default Icons

  1. Open the Datasource Properties dialog and select the Icons tab.

  2. To change default icons, double-click the item to change, or right-click a selected item and select Set Image.

    The Select Image dialog opens.

    This dialog is preset to display files having the extensions, .DLL, .EXE, or .ICO. These are the typical files which contain application icons. However, turning on the All Files option (below the Network button) displays files of all types.

  3. Navigate to the directory containing icon files.
  4. In the Files section, select the appropriate file.

    The icons contained in the file display in the Select Icon section of the dialog.

  5. Select the icon to use and click OK.

    On the Icons tab, the selected icon changes to the newly selected icon.

  6. Click OK.

    In ProjectWise Explorer, icons change based on your selection.