ProjectWise Administrator Help

Modifying Default Datasource Settings

To modify the global settings of a datasource, right-click a datasource name and select Properties. On the Datasource Properties dialog, select the Settings tab.

The following table shows what the default settings are for each datasource setting.

Datasource Setting Default
Global delete restrictions Default
Miscellaneous > Grant implicit 'Change Permissions' rights to owners of work areas, folders, and documents on
Miscellaneous > Move deleted document files to the Recycle Bin on storage off
Miscellaneous > Enable 'Deleted Items' folder off
Miscellaneous > Keep items in 'Deleted Items' folder for: 2 months
Miscellaneous > Force case-insensitive search off
Miscellaneous > Display Access Control tab in Preview Pane on
Work Areas > Folder for template work areas: no default folder is defined
Network > Enable Delta File Transfer on
Network > Compress client/server request data on
Network > Enable file transfer connection sharing on
Documents > Creation in workflow off
Documents > Allow several users to fetch documents to the same location off
Documents > Update Access Control Cache on Document Delete off
Documents > Force file name to be the same as document name off
Versions > Generate version string for first document version off
Versions > Use numeric version strings off
Versions > Put created version into first workflow state having create permission off
Versions > Document having versions can be moved off
Versions > Lock flat set documents to versions off
Versions > Lock reference documents to versions off
Versions > Prompt user to update master document’s reference versions on open off
Most Recently Used Lists > Maximum number of recent items to show 5
Most Recently Used Lists > Time period to keep records 20 days
Engineering Components > Display Components in ProjectWise Clients on
Web Components > Default ProjectWise Publishing Server no default server is defined
Web Components > Design Compare Utility Address no default address is defined
Event System > Enable folder copy server event notifications off
Event System > Enable document copy server event notifications off
Federated Identity > Associate identity with user account by e-mail address on
Federated Identity > Prompt user to associate identity off
Federated Identity > Allow user group membership updates by identity claims off
Federated Identity > Apply identity filter when synchronizing Bentley IMS users off