ProjectWise Administrator Help

To Enable a Document Processor to Perform Extractions

  1. Under the Document Processors node, right-click the document processor you want to enable (Full Text Indexing, Thumbnail Extraction, or File Property Extraction) and select Properties.

    The Properties dialog opens for the selected document processor.

  2. On the General tab, do the following:
    1. Enable the processor:
      • Turn on Extraction enabled for thumbnail and file property extractions.
      • Turn on Indexing enabled for full text indexing extractions.
    2. Select the user that the processor will use to log in to the datasource to access the documents to process.

      You can select:

      • Any ProjectWise logical (native) user account - These are the users whose account type is set to Logical. These users will be listed by name. After you select this user, enter the user's password.
      • <Bentley IMS/STS (local)> - Selecting this option means that the processor will use a specific Bentley IMS account to log in to the datasource. After you select this option, you are prompted to enter the credentials of the Bentley IMS account you want to use. To use this account, the account must also exist in the datasource.
      • <Windows user service account> - Selecting this option means that the processor will use the same Windows account that the ProjectWise Orchestration Framework Service runs under (specified during ProjectWise Server installation). To use this account, the account must also exist in the datasource.
      Note: The <Bentley IMS/STS (external)> option is intended for future use - do not use.
    3. (Full Text Indexing only) - From the Index Server list, select the computer on which the full text index catalog for this datasource will be maintained.
  3. Click OK.

    Enabling a full text indexing extraction on the Full Text Indexing Properties dialog

Tip: For full text indexing, when you have ProjectWise Design Integration Server with Full Text Indexing installed, as well as a standalone ProjectWise Indexing Service installed on another computer, you can use the Index Server list on the General tab of the Full Text Indexing Properties dialog to decide (on a per-datasource basis) which "Index Server" will host and maintain the datasource's full text index catalog the — ProjectWise Design Integration Server, or the standalone ProjectWise Indexing Service. The list displays all the ProjectWise Indexing Service computers currently registered for use with this ProjectWise Design Integration Server. The ProjectWise Design Integration Server itself (because it has Full Text Indexing installed) is automatically included in this list, and displays as <localhost> when you open ProjectWise Administrator on the same computer. You can use the ProjectWise Design Integration Server as your Index Server, or you can select any other computer in the list. If the computer you want to use is not listed, you can click Register to register it. Remember, the computer you select to register must either have ProjectWise Indexing Service or ProjectWise Design Integration Server (with Full Text Indexing) installed.