ProjectWise Administrator Help

Running Document Extraction Jobs

You can configure a document extraction to start automatically based on a schedule, and to run for a specified interval of time. If you need to run an extraction before the next extraction is scheduled to occur, or if no extraction schedule is defined, you can manually start the extraction. Starting extractions manually will not cancel any upcoming extractions you have scheduled. After you manually start an extraction, the next extraction will occur as regularly scheduled.

The following user settings must be configured for the user account under which an extraction runs:

  • General > Use access control is recommended to be turned OFF, to ensure access to all documents in the datasource.
  • Document > Can modify must be turned ON, for thumbnail image and file property extractions.

This is the basic workflow for each document processor:

  1. Enable the document processor so that it can perform extractions.
  2. Define the file type extensions you want to include or exclude from the extraction.
  3. Set up a schedule for when the document processor will perform extractions.
Note: When extractions are disabled for a document processor, no currently scheduled extractions will occur, nor will any manually initiated extractions be allowed to start.