ProStructures Help

Key-in Window

Used to browse, construct, and enter key-ins. If the key-ins of a single application (ProStructures or selected MDL) are browsable, the title bar identifies the application.

You can access this dialog from the following:

  • Ribbon: Drawing > Home > Primary > Key-in
  • Ribbon: Modeling > Home > Primary > Key-in
  • Ribbon: Visualization > Home > Primary > Key-in
  • Ribbon: Admin > Home > Primary > Key-in
  • Toolbox: Primary Tools
  • Default function key menu: <F9>
Tip: Also opens when:
  • With the focus at home, <Enter> is pressed. The window pops up at the location of the pointer and closes when the pointer is removed from the window.
  • If you are using the default function key menu, <F9> is pressed. If the window is already open or docked, this sends input focus to the window.


Note: The window can be resized so only the key-in field is visible.

Note: The window is dockable.

Note: Right-clicking anywhere in the Key-in window except the key-in field at the top opens the Key-in Settings dialog which is used to set the display options in the Key-in window.

Key-in field

Shows the key-in that is submitted when the Key-in button is clicked. You can type directly in this field.

If you right-click in this field, a pop-up menu lets you cut, copy, paste, or delete the text in this field.

Tip: The browser must be open to key in data.

Tip: To automatically enter the remaining characters of the selected keyword, press <spacebar>.

Tip: To scroll through previously entered key-ins, enter the prefix (for example, MDL) and use the cursor keys to scroll through the list.

Run Key-In

Submits the key-in. Pressing <Enter> has the same effect.

Note: A setting in the Key-in Settings dialog controls the display of this icon. By default it is displayed.

Browse Key-In

Turns on or off the display of the keyword list boxes.

Note: If the display of this icon is enabled in the Key-in Settings dialog (the default), the icon is only visible when the window is small or docked.

List boxes

Each list box corresponds to a keyword level in the hierarchical key-in language. The box on the left contains the keywords in the top level. The selected keyword(s) display in the key-in field.

Drop-down list box

Sets the application(s) whose key-ins are browsable. To browse the key-ins for all loaded MDL applications , choose All.

Note: If Show "Tables" Button is on in the Key-in Settings dialog, the Tables button replaces the drop-down list box. The drop-down list box is shown by default.


Opens the Key-in Tables dialog , which serves the same purpose as the drop-down list box which appears in the Tables button's place by default.

Note: The Tables button is available only if the Show "Tables" Button check box is selected in the Key-in Settings dialog. It replaces the drop-down list box.

History (list box)

Lists previous key-ins. The selected key-in displays in the key-in field.

Tip: To directly submit a previous key-in, double-click it.