ProStructures Help

Bent Plates

Used to add edged or bent segments to the plate. The result is a three-dimensionally bent plate which however is representing a single component part and which can be depicted as flat via unfolding.

Accessed from:
  • Ribbon: Steel > Home > Edit Steel Elements > Add Flanges
  • Plates/Polyplates dialog: (Bend)

Dialog Controls

  • Current Settings - Select when you haven't created any template and you want to use the current settings of the dialog instead.
  • Bentley/Default - Select when you want to use the application default settings template and you don't want to use the current settings of the dialog instead.
OK Closes the dialog and save your changes.
Cancel Closes the dialog without saving changes.
Help Opens online help.
Template Saves and retrieve (Using Templates) settings to be used on other projects.
Add flange segment Adds a new plate edge to the plate. Click on the plate at the desired reference edge of a plate segment. This determines the alignment of the new segment. The new plate segment is always subordinate to the reference segment. If the reference segment is modified later, the new segment is also modified. 
Remove flange segment Removes an existing plate segment (including all subordinate segments). Click on the plate segment at any edge.
Modify flange segment Modifies an existing plate segment later. Click on the plate segment at any edge. Any subordinate segments of this plate segments are also modified.
Check Bent Plate Check successful unfolding of an existing bent plate for any errors. Click on the bent plate at any edge.
Show /Hide Preview Opens or closes, respectively, a flyout panel to display an illustration based on the tool.
Key-in: ProSteel Add Flange