ProStructures Help

ProStructures Options - Plates tab

Used to specify settings for any kind of plate (poly-plates).

Layout Sets the mode in which new elements will be displayed when inserted in the model.
Options available are:
  • Only Centerline
  • Bounding Box
  • Edges Outside
  • Edges Inside
  • With Arcs
  • As Sketch
Holes Sets the mode in which holes are displayed in new elements.
Options available are:
  • Do not Display
  • As Line
  • As two Circles
  • Extruded Circle
  • Real Holes
Material Sets the selected material to be used for the shape
Grid Dimensions
  • Longitudinal Spacing – Sets the lengthwise grid distances if a grid is to be displayed.
  • Transverse Spacing – Sets the cross-wise grid distances if a grid is to be displayed.
  • Maximum Length – Sets the maximum grid length running from the outer edge of the plate or from existing inner contours. If you enter the value 0, the plate will be displayed with a complete grid. This option permits you to display the plate without complete grid. The display is limited to the contour edges. Shapes that are situated below remain visible by this way.
  • Height – Sets the height of the grid pattern.
  • Plate grid = plate thickness – When checked, the grid height always corresponds to the current plate thickness, and ignore the given value.
Options Sets the options to display new inserted plates with:
  • Centerline – with centerline.
  • Part Label – with Name.
  • ECS Axes – with ECS.
  • Outer Contour Only – plates with outer counter only.
  • Grid – with pattern.
Offset Centerline Sets the offset of centerline to the plate ends. If you selected the display as middle line, this is where you enter a projection of the middle line over the two plate surfaces.

In contrast to shapes, the centerline of plates is not running along the longitudinal direction but along the plate thickness.

Allow user to input for Plate Thickness When checked, allows setting the plate thickness in the insertion dialog, as you like. When unchecked, only the values of a selection list are available (preference values).
Volume Weight When checked, computes the weight of the parts from the used volume.