PlantSight Help

Viewing the Model With the 3D View

With the 3D View, you can view the plant model and select objects to analyze their data.

Navigate the model with Zoom, Pan, or Walk through the model and with on screen or mouse controls, access saved Spacial Views of the model.

  1. Click on Visualizer's Views menu, and select 3D View.

    The 3D View opens. Typically, the standard Default view is the view displayed.

  2. To open a view either:

    Click Spatial Views, and select a spatial view from pop up menu.


    Use the Saved Views settings to create/load a saved view.

    The selected view is applied in the 3D View.

  3. Use , , and to rotate, pan and zoom in/out.

Once your view is oriented and zoomed to your liking, you can filter the display to display only a certain category of objects. Then you can begin investigating those objects.

  1. Click to expand the Categories menu. Select HVAC from the menu.

    The view is updated to only display HVAC objects.

  2. Click to expand the Measure Tools. Select Measure Distance. Use the tools to investigate the displayed HVAC objects:
    1. Using the mouse pointer, hover over an HVAC object.

      A flyover displays information about the object.

    2. Click in the model to select the start point of the measurement.
    3. Repeat steps to add more segments to the measurement.

      The total distance between selected measurement points is displayed in the view.