PlantSight Help

All Projects

Displays all registered projects in tabs. Basic project information is provided in a table format.

My Projects tab Lists all registered projects to which you are a member.
Favorites tab Lists all projects you marked with the favorites star icon ().
Recent tab Lists all the projects recently opened by you.
Search tab Used to search the list of projects.
Projects table Lists projects in three columns, and provides search and filter capabilities.
(Add to Favorites) Click to add/remove projects from the Favorites tab.
Project Number column Displays the project number assigned to each project.
Project Name column Displays the name assigned to each project.
Location column Displays the location entered for each project.
Filter/Sort Click on any column header to enable filter and sort controls. Click the filter icon to search the list by entering a string in the available text field. Click the up/down arrows to sort the results in ascending or descending order. Filter and sort are honored based on which column they are selected in.
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