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Aggregation Data Structures

Layout and Settings

The layout from top-down consists of two data structures. One is of the Digital Twin, and the other is of all imported objects of the previously selected imports.

Plant Structure (Digital Twin) Attribute conflicts and tag conflicts are highlighted with colors and icons. You decide which value to keep in the Digital Twin for each conflict.

After moving imported objects into the Digital Twin or merging imported objects with existing ones, the objects are removed from the import hierarchy. You can also discard imported objects if you do not want to keep them.

Source Structure (imports) Visualizes where new information is needed in the Digital Twin similar to a hierarchy preview. It distinguishes between the following object types:
  • new objects - shown in a new row
  • updated objects - shown in the same row as the corresponding objects in the plant structure

When all objects from an import are removed from the Source Structure, the import is marked as "aggregated". It is no longer shown in the imports list in Data Aggregation.

Compare Compares all selected object's properties.
  • Orange: attributes with differing values
  • Black: attributes with same values
By default only attributes with differing values are shown. To show all attributes, select the checkbox Show All Attributes.
Merge Merges the selected object into the Digital Twin. You can only merge one single selected object in the Source Structure and merge it to one single selected object in the Digital Twin. In any other cases the Merge button is disabled. If an object in the Source Structure is not a child and already marked as aggregated, the Merge button is also disabled.
Revert Only applicable if you haven't saved your changes.

Reverts changes of the selected object. If you have merged objects, they are split and recreated at the original place. If you have moved an object from the Source Structure to the Plant Structure, the object is moved back into the Source Structure.

Move Below If an object in the Plant Structure is selected, you can move multiple selected objects of the Source Structure below . If an object in the Source Structure is not a child and already marked as aggregated, the Move Below button is disabled.
Discard Only applicable to objects from the Source Structure. Removes the selected objects from the Source Structure and ignores them for aggregation. Discarded objects are only visible in the Source Structure if you choose the option Show Discarded Objects in the Settings. Discarded objects are marked with:
Properties Displays the attributes of a selected object.
Quick Move Moves a new object from the Source Structure to the Plant Structure.
Sync Scrolling If the toggle is deactivated, you scroll through the Plant Structure and the Source Structure at the same time. To scroll in the Plant Structure and the Source Structure indepently, activate the toggle. If the independent scrolling is activated, the toggle appears green:
Settings Choose which objects to show in the Source Structure, e.g. discarded objects.