OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

The OpenPlant Project Administrator Interface

OpenPlant Project Administrator allows users to automate the simple configuration and project setup tasks thereby ensuring that the user is not needlessly exposed to a developer's tool for schema management when making simple changes that are done at the beginning of every project. Class Editor will still be shipped allowing users to do more complex tasks.

The Ribbon

The OpenPlant Project Administrator is set up with a tabbed tool ribbon located at the top of the interface, with a navigation pane listing OpenPlant Configurations, Workspaces, Worksets and Applications. OpenPlant Project Administrator supports OpenPlant Modeler, OpenPlant PID and OpenPlant Support Engineering applications.

The Tool Ribbon displays up to four tabs, depending on what is selected in the Navigation Pane. Each tab with multiple options contained within. Click on the links below to display help for the individual tool ribbons:

Navigation Tree

The ribbon tabs as well as the options available within are dependent on the select made in the Configuration/Workspace navigation pane on the left. Only options relating to the node selected in the navigation pane are enabled.
  • Click the top level Configuration node and the options in the Configuration and Workspace groups are available.
  • Click on a Workspace node to enable the Workset creation options.
  • Click on a Workset to enable Workset Enabling and Editing options.
  • Click on an Application node to display the Settings and Tools ribbon tabs.

Property Grid

When you select a project, all the project's configuration variables are listed in property grid to the right of the Navigation Tree.

Note: These information in these fields reflect the selections made in the Navigation tree.

The configuration variables can be displayed either in a grouped view where variables are grouped into expandable setting tabs as shown.

Note: By default, the variables are displayed in groups.

The variables can also be displayed in a Flat view where they are not grouped and displayed in alphabetical order.

Click the icon to toggle the display of the project variables. The variables can be either grouped as shown in the above image, or in a flat view with no groupings.

Use the Sort icon to sort the variables in Ascending/Descending order.


To filter the list, type your search criteria into the search field. The list is filtered dynamically as you type in characters. To clear the filter, click the icon next to the filter field. This icon displays when characters are entered into the field. The variables can also be displayed in a Flat view where they are not grouped and displayed in alphabetical order.

Descriptive Prompt

The property grid displays a small description at the bottom explaining what the selected variable is meant to do and what the possible values are.


This icon only enables when changes have been made. Click to save the new values to the project configuration file (*.PCF).

Restore Defaults

The Load Defaults icon provides two options:
  • Load Defaults for Selected Item: Will load the default values for the selected configuration variable.
  • Load Defaults for All: Will load the default values for all project configuration variables.