OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Add New Component Dialog

This dialog displays when you select the Add New Component icon from the Table grid of the Catalog Editor. It allows you to create a new component record in the active catalog table.

Use the dialog below to select a component type to create. When you click the Create button, a new component record will be created it the appropriate catalog table, with default values assigned to it.
Note: If the table for the new component does not exist in the active catalog, a new table will be created for it.

Search The Search field will dynamically filter the EC_ClassNames list as you enter text into the field.
EC_ClassName The left pane will list the EC_ClassNames to choose from. Select a class from the list and a bitmap with dimensional information will display to the right as shown above.
Create Click the Create button to add the new component record to the Catalog Editor table.
Note: The component will be added to a table based on the component type. If a table does not currently exist in the catalog, one will be created with the component record added to it.
Cancel Click to close the dialog without saving any changes.