OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

To Add a New Component

  1. Select the Add New Component icon from the Catalog Editor. The Add New Component dialog displays.
  2. Select a component type from the EC_ClassName list and click the Create button. A new record will be added to the table grid in the Catalog Editor.
  3. (Optional) If the table does not exist in the catalog, then the following operations are performed:
    1. New table is added with necessary structure of fields.
    2. A new record is added and filled with default values.
    In the example below, a new table (VALVBW) was created in the catalog for a Plug Valve. (The table did not previously exist in the catalog.) Default values are assigned the record such as the MEAS_UNITS shown below. Values for the remaining fields are to be added as necessary.

  4. Finish up by adding field values for the component record as needed.
    Note: You can use the Component Information dialog to assist you in defining specific dimensional values for the component.