OpenPlant Project Administrator Help


The New command allows you to create a new catalog. When first launched, a standard Windows file selection dialog displays prompting you to save the new catalog.
Note: The initial default path that the Catalog Editor uses is your ...Configuration\Workspaces\WorkSpace\Standards\OpenPlant\Catalogs\Imperial\ directory. If you open a catalog from another directory, then that path will become the default the next time you attempt to create a catalog in that project. If you open a new project, the Catalog Editor will refer back to the default directory.

Enter the name of the new catalog into the File name field and click Save.

Once you have saved the catalog, the catalog is loaded into the Catalog Editor and the Edit Database Schema dialog displays allowing you to add tables and edit fields for the catalog. After the initial information has been added to the catalog, you are able to use the options in the Catalog Editor to further customize the catalog as necessary.

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