OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Excel Import Options

This option displays the following dialog allowing you to define Field Mapping settings used when Batch importing information from an Excel spreadsheet.
AutoSave When enabled, this option will automatically save changes when you edit multiple mappings files, instead of prompting you with the Save Mappings dialog for every change.
Use EC Class from project schema If the excel sheet doesn't have an EC Class Name column to map, this option uses the EC Class Name from the project EC Schema to map to the Catalog's EC_Class_Name column instead of mapping from the Excel sheet column.
Allow Mappings selection before preview/import

When working with multiple mappings files loaded into the Fields Mappings dialog, this option allows you to select multiple mappings to preview/import at a time.

Create Mappings - Use worksheet name as XML mapping file name Since each Excel worksheet needs a separate Mapping file, this option will use the worksheet name as the name of the mapping file and save it in a separate directory of the same name as the Excel file selected.
Default Mappings XML Path

This path is used to save/load mappings files. By default this path is set to workspace catalog directory of the selected project type.

Click the Browse button to navigate to and select the correct directory.

Define the settings as desired and click OK to save them. Click Cancel to close the dialog without saving the changes.