MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Include Text File Dialog

Used to import a text file and place text in the DGN file.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Ribbon: File > Import > Common File Types > Text (*txt)

Key-in: INCLUDE [ filename ]

Once you specify a file and click OK, the text in the selected text file displays dynamically. Entering a data point in the design positions the text. The text is placed as a text node and the data point positions the text node origin.

The text file can include key-in strings to set text attributes (such as the font, text size, and line spacing). Each key-in string must follow a period (".") that begins a line. One key-in string is allowed per line. All text following a key-in string is placed with the specified attribute. Other text placement controls can be included: INDENT # indents by the specified number of columns. NEWGG begins a new graphic group.

Note: If filename is included in the key-in, the Include Text File dialog is bypassed and the text in the selected text file displays dynamically. For this to work, filename must be located in the ..\Default\Data\ folder in MicroStation PowerDraft's program directory.
Note: To set the number of space characters that are substituted for each horizontal tab, key in ACTIVE TAB [spaces] or TB=[spaces] before opening the Include Text File dialog.
Note: Except where noted, the controls are analogous to those in the Open dialog.
Files of type Sets the file format to Text Files [*.txt].
Open Closes the dialog and opens the selected file. When you enter a data point in the DGN file, the text is placed at that location.