MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Setting the Raster Options

Raster Manager lets you control the display of one or more image files within a design file view. Each view in a DGN file may be used to display image files. Information about the image files is stored with the DGN file.

In a typical Raster Manager session where aerial photography is used, a design file view contains a mosaic of images depicting the region of interest. The mosaic can include an unlimited number of images, each referenced to the vector data contained in the active DGN file and any references attached to it. Similarly, using Raster Manager, you can assemble a group of rendered images for printing.

Whether you print to a color or grayscale PostScript device, images from various sources can be assembled together and the colors for each image are represented correctly in the output. With this flexibility, you can integrate black and white scanned documents, grayscale or color aerial photographs, monochrome bitmap layers, satellite imagery, and DGN files to produce a full color document on color devices or a grayscale document on grayscale devices.

Raster Manager lets you produce hybrid prints of raster images along with raster vector data and design vector data. To produce such a hybrid print for a view, choose File > Print > Print.