MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Printing Devices for Raster Manager

Raster Manager supports printing raster data to all Bentley printer drivers except the HP-GL/2 driver. It also can print raster data to all vendor-supplied Windows printer drivers that support raster.

The HP-GL/2 driver is the only non-raster-capable Bentley printer driver. It does not contain direct support for raster data. All images are converted into pen commands, which may result in a significant loss of quality. This affects Raster Manager attachments, 87/88 elements, OLE objects, and gradient fills. To plot raster data, use printer.pltcfg or hpglrtl.pltcfg instead.

A list box in the Printer and Paper Size section of the Print dialog lets you switch between the Bentley and Windows printer drivers. You can use the Printer driver selection guide to help you choose the correct Bentley printer driver configuration file.