MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Modifying Clipping Polygons

Where you have clipped a raster file previously, you can modify or delete the boundaries of its clipping polygon(s). This may be to display more or less of an image that has been cropped, or to create a larger masked region to add more text. Once you have selected the clipping polygon, you can modify it in a similar fashion to that used for normal elements.

When using the Modify Clip tool from the Raster Manager dialog (Edit > Modify Clip) you must first select an image or else the Modify Clip menu item is disabled.

When using the Modify Clip tool from the Raster group of the Attach tab, you have the choice of selecting the image before or after selecting the tool. If no image is selected, then you can select the image after selecting the Modify Clip tool.

When you identify the polygon to modify, the identification point defines the way that the polygon is modified. For example, if you identify a vertex, you can move the vertex. Similarly, if you identify a side of a polygon, you can move the side.